Freeline OG

Freeline OG


The Original Freeline Skate

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Freeline skating began in 2003 in San Francisco, making it still relatively new in the sporting world. Even still, it has reached out and grabbed the world of action sports by storm - drawing a solid following of skaters who appreciate a sport that combines all the elements of inline skating, skateboarding, surfing, and snowboard skating. The versatility of Freeline skates allow skaters to propel themselves so that traveling uphill is just as possible as traveling downhill or on flat ground.

Of course, a successful Freeline skate experience - aside from plenty of practice - rests with the appropriate skates. Freeline Distribution carries all three models of Freeline skates including the Freeline OG - the original Freeline skate model, the Freeline PRO that combines the original frame with a wood deck, and the Freeline Cruiser (replacing the discontinued Freeline Grom skates) - the most lightweight of the three models that allows for training wheels, making it perfect for beginners.

When you’ve found the perfect Freeline skates for you, don’t forgot to check out our inventory of accessories for your Freeline skates - wheels and grips included. We also have a full line of apparel including t-shirts and hats in addition to our Freeline skates; buy everything you need all in one place. Cheap Freeline skates don’t mean low quality. We’ve made the highest quality free line skates available to you at the very best prices.

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